Age Of Gods

CC2 IconBar Designer

Back in 1997 I realized there had to be some reasonable computer-aided approach to generating maps. I'd seen a mouth-watering package advertised some years before in Dragon Magazine. An internet search found that CC2, the Windows version of Campaign Cartographer, would soon be ready. NBOS's Fractal Mapper uselessly soaked up a few campaign dollars while waiting, but thankfully after checking the ProFantasy website daily I was able to purchase a copy of CC2, the first kid on any block to have one. I've never looked back.

Straight away I saw need for a utility to manipulate CC2's IconBars. The CC2 IconBar Designer was born.



  1. Download Full Setup or 5-Part Setup
  2. Unzip
  3. Run setup.exe


IconBar Designer version 1.1.0 adds mouse wheel support!

IconBar Designer still free!

* I mean, really, what were they thinking?